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Diversity and Achievement: Implementing New Strategies and Approaches in Magnet Schools

At this year's Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Project Directors Meeting, we will welcome the 2016 MSAP cohort and provide new and veteran grantees with collaborative learning opportunities focused on project implementation strategies from subject matter experts as well as fellow grantees. Attendees will learn about the latest magnet school research on desegregation and evidence-based practices for integrating schools, including the use of socioeconomic status.

The meeting sessions will also encourage dialog on the current state of magnet schools and how they can innovate to enhance school integration and school turnaround. Sessions will also cover other topics such as implementing STEM curricula, managing programs effectively, and using rigorous evaluation to create evidence of promise for magnet schools.

We invite current and past MSAP grantees, the wider magnet school community, and other school choice and diversity experts to join us December 5 and 6, 2016, in Washington, DC.